Thursday, 31 October 2013

Festival Farmers

It was a very special festival day in lucban. it was called festival farmers. in the village people decorate their house to make pahiyas with leaves in a colored rice place. The farmers from the flock from all around the flock into the village for the day the band plays and everyone dances around the street.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Rosie retelling

Rosie’s dad bought a  mob of sheep this October shearing. A hunt away dog can gather a mob of sheep. The sheep need to sleep tonight for there shearing tomorrow, its 6 o'clock and Rosie's tired.

she need to feed the dogs and sheep then she needs to shave the sheep.  she is keeping the pen full of sheep. She needs to keep the wool and sheep clean.

Rosie had to keep the wool of the ground. Then there was more coming so that meant longer work for them. Now all hundred and fifteen hundred of sheep was finished.

Playing touch the day before labor day

On Sunday I went to loud  Elsmore to play touch wit my friends and cousins. In the first half the other team scored the first try and we were all chasing but we could not touch him but my friend Zane had a chance and just misted by and inch. But we were still awesome ion defense our team were spreading the ball out wide all the time but we still could not get a try because the other team was awesome on defense too.

Then it was half time. I Was thinking of what I should do next and  i came up with and idea, since people know that we always draw and pass i was going to dummy and then put o  a step and score a try.But I took a rest because I was getting tired so i took a rest.

Then i went on and as soon as i got on i was thinking about what i said before how i am going to dummy pass. So as i was on the right side i dummy-ed  then steeped and i scored the try. Then at the end of the game it was a draw it was 1 all by me.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Narritive writting

Once upon a time there was a girl named lilly she was terrified of the roller coaster at spookers, and was always sitting beside her dad or mum when she was on the roller coaster. Until she went to her friends house and they went spookers by themselves and lilly was thinking she will get embarrassed if she tells them she is scared of spookers. The most embbarrasing thing is that she is a tenneager and she still is scared.

It was getting more scarier for lilly because the sun was coming down, and after that things got messy. They went on the most scariest roller coaster that no one has been on before and that was lilly’s first time on that roller coaster. Suddenly they went on the roller coaster and it was so scary because you could see coffins mummys fake zombies and the most scariest thing was that they were all in one seat by themselves.

They were all screaming and it was there worse day ever and lily started to scream her head off. But after the roller coaster had stop they all thought it was quite fun and lilly’s fairs of been scared has blown away like  a miracle. So after that they all went for a feed at KFC and they lived happily ever after.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Immersion assembly

I'm A Farmer and I Grow It! from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
I weaken this is the best video of the term. It was really clever of Mr Marks and Mr Somerville to do this because it was all about teachers instead of children all the time. But it was funny when the teachers were dancing it looked like they were going to fall over.

But i like the videos of the farmers planting and harvesting all the crops. I t looks way easier because they are just driving a big truck but it could be boring. But i really loved the movie it was funny cool and awesome.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Free Blog Writing

Last night my dad recorded kiwi's against the cook islands for me it really should of been owned by the kiwi's. In the first half they scored three try's to nil. The tries were scored by Manu vatuvai, Nightingale, and Elijah tayler. Nightingale's try was set up by shawn johnson.

Manu vatuvai's try was set up by isacc luke he saw some open space for vatuvai and passed it out wide. Shawn johnson did a grabber and nightingale got the ball and dived.Shawn johnson successfully got the kick over. Thats all i have today look on my blog for the second half.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Plants VS Humans

In a mysterious island there was plants. But there was something wrong with the plants, something no one has seen before, it was like someone has put on a curse. On that island one night mike ( farmer) saw a shadow in his house a very scary shadow

He got up and walked towards the shadow, Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! . As he got closer he said in a scared voice, “U-u-u-um is anyone t-t-there.” he exclaimed. Then a scary sound from behind said, “Yes."

Suddenly at 6am the shadow went away but there was no time to sleep because mike and his family were already supose to harvest. As the clocked ticked off it got hotter and hotter until lighting came striking down, mike looked up and saw the same shadow he saw last night.

Things got different, that night mike got up and he thought he heard a noise again. Outside there was his answer he saw a group of plants that was marching like they were in the army. And then the plants saw mike he was scared he has seen nothing like this.Then the plants striked at mike, mike has suffered and his life is taken by the plants.No one has seen mike again and the plants are never to be seen.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Free blog writing

On the weekend i went to my cousins house . As soon as I get there I played basketball with my cousin Eli, we where playing 1v1. I was schooling him until my uncle came he was turning it around he was schooling me.

Then I was versing my dad he was a a showoff though. He thought he was all that and he running to go for a dunk and he suddenly trips up. My cousin was cracking up and my dad was laughing even though he tripped up.

Then it was getting late we had to go have dinner I had the best dinner in the weekend becauseI had burger king. I had a rodeo burger combo with a large frosen coke and a ice cream Sunday It was really nice.It was the best dinner I had in the weekend, after that using all my energy I went to sleep. The end

Friday, 18 October 2013

Farming fish

This story farming fish, is in Togori in the Solomon Islands, the only time they could fish is when the water is calm and its a nice day. They don’t by that much food from shops they really only grow. collect, and catch.

They made a plan it was to make ponds so when there is bad weather they can still fish.
If you're thinking how long it took them to dig to make the ponds it took them one and a half years and 10 days to fill it up.3 years after the first fish was put in they were ready to eat it,adams job is too keep the pond tidy and don't let any leaves and stuff block it.They us larvae which is white ants to feed the fish.

But his best job is catching fish with a traditional bamboo. So his uncle  was success and he wasn't crazy. People can still go out for fishing in bad weather.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My sisters b-day

On Monday it was m sisters first birthday. She had cupcakes that Ash made (my older sis) an they were cookie monster cupcakes. When she eats its like a monster, and when she see's someone eating she will grab as fast as she can.

Her was a bike that can also be a walking thing, witch is like a plastic thing that you hold onto and walk. Her second present was a very big 2 meter bear it was taller  then my mum and dad but the b-day girl loved it. But at first she was scared, but after that she loved it. That's all i have today hope you enjoyed my writing.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pairing good muster with a photo

Good muster is when you need people to come in like a group so you could feed them.Or for something you want them to do for you. I had trouble at first trying to pair up good muster because it just looked like a group. I thought it was about muster.