Thursday, 12 December 2013

Free blog writing

On The weekend I went to the night market in pakaranga. It was really cool because my favorite food was their that was Chereos i like it because it has chocolate and caramel on top and it also has ising sugar.But my favorite thing to eat was a deep fried moro bar .

I like going to the night market because my mum spoilts me and gets me very thing. Sometimes she just gives me $20 and I buy heaps of stuff with that.But I mostly like sushi to  it makes me want to eat the teriacky chicken straight away.

But nothing for me beats KFC I most likely will have the krusher my mum loves it to I think.I love the chicken they make it is really NICE and when ever my mum buys the chip she also say "extra seasoning please". The best bit is when its nice and crispy.


How has having a net book connected to the internet helped my learning this year?

You will need to think about:
  • What special thing have you learnt from your teacher this year?
  • What significant thing have you learnt all by yourself - maybe online
  • What have you learnt from your friend this year
  • What have you learnt from someone outside of your classroom this year (ie not teacher or classmate)
  • How have you helped other kids learn this year
  • How have you grown your key competencies through using digital tools this year

Once you have finished: Have it checked by a friend or Mr S. Then post it on your blog with the title 2013 REFLECTION.



Start Writing Here
Every day its casual for me just coming in the morning and grabbing my net book or chromebook. I remember when I was in room 12 it was just pencils and book,but now we have all sorts of things like,Imacs, net books and ipads. I also like doing a little bit of writing because it will help me in life if i chose a job like building which includes a little bit of writing.

I reckon I have grown heaps using a net book Because I know the key stuff to a net book and I also know the tricks. It  is really cool using a net book because when you get older you can probably be a technician person like a guy that comes to our school named Leon.When ever we have a problem he can fix it I just wonder if miss Telea just goes to leon and say like she is bossy fix that and its done in like 1 minute.

The special thing that my teacher taught me was different strategies in maths and the quickest ways to solve problems. He also taught me most of the key things like ways that are quicker than the way I used to do.My teacher Mrs Marks has helped me through the whole year and he teaches me all sorts of things.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Grass To Glass

Hi this is my movie project grass to glass. In my video it shows you how you make milk and get milk.
Hope you Enjoy.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Maui and Bothers

In a lonely island there was 1 brother out of 5 that was going to fish.His name was maui he was the one that caught the sun with his hook remember.Maui was up all night all day for a spot to fish until he said “this is the spot to fish” so he took a deep breath and grabbed his hook and through it deep through the see.It took so long to catch a fish he had time to read the herald suddenly maui prayed it was a prey to make it so magical and to rise when he catches it.

Then he saw this big fish he had trouble pulling it up but the prey made it even magical that some how maui pulled it up it was so weird because it turned green and also turned into the north island of new zealand.

Enstead of maui and brothers its sean and brothers.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Ambury Farm

On Tuesday i went with the year fives to Ambury farm me and my friend Collin were with room 14 because the year fives from room 18 got split up.At first me and my group went to see how cows got milked. I was the photographer for the and while the cows were getting milked we could feel them.

After that we went to go feed the goats it was very funny because when you put your hand out they like it with salibah. It was like a dog liking its food it just felt weird.But the one that everyone liked was the baby goat that was 1 year old.If you were wondering what a baby goat is called it is called a Buck or a Billy.

And at the end we could do free time as a group but we decided to have a  BIG  walk.
But at half way people that were feeling tired and lazy they could sit down and relax while everyone else is trying to keep fit and healthy.After that we went to go see some chickens it was very funny because all the girls were screaming while the chickens were eating all the boys were laughing their heads off.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Maui's Fish

Hi i am going to tell you how new zealand is made i am going to give you a hint new zealand this is about maui's fish.