Monday, 26 August 2013

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In the weekend on saturday , my friends taimana and stevenson came over to play and watch at eden park, st kentigern vs auckland boys. It was a really close game and the score was 11 to 13 because in the last minute the fly half did a penalty goal. Everyone knew the game is over and the st kents have won the title three years in a row.

It was and spectacular game and after that we went back to my house and played outside. We were playing rugby league  with my dad. But for him we only have to touch him because if we had to tackle him he will bump us off.

BUt then we were called in to have dinner witch was pizza and we ha pepsi with that as our drink. After we ate we played hide and seek in the dark and we all had to look for my dad. he was a good hider but eventually we found him after we did thay went home and my familly had peace and quit.  

Friday, 16 August 2013

Legend of Tāmaki Makaurau

Title:Legend of Tāmaki Makaurau

Author:John logan Campbell

Characters (names, personalities, strengths, weaknesses): Wairere, Hunua, Hui, Waitakere, Mataaho, Ruaumoko,

Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail):In Auckland,  It was in some forest, There are animals, There were tribes and wars.

What was the problem? The Waitakere tribe and Hunua tribe kept stealing from each other and Hui was missing and then Wairere was missing.

What was the solution?Raumoku and mataaho  killed all of the Hunua tribe except Hui and  Wairere.

What was the Moral of the Story? To not acked foolish and ask before you get it.

My favourite part of the story was?  Learning about  Raumoku and Mataaho.

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint, Sumo)

The Hare and the Tortoise

Characters (names, personalities, strengths, weaknesses): Names: Speedy or Hare, Tortoise, Fox.
Personalities: Speedy is a bualie, thinks he’s all that, lost against an Tortoise thats older then 100, Tortoise is an hibernator, he’s lazy.Fox is a know it all, he’s kind.

Setting (Where is the story set. Describe the place in detail): The place where it is set is near a farm. It is where a tall mountain is and to get there you go past three fields. Has a lot of grass and a bit of rocks.

What was the problem? The problem is when Speedy bualie’s a old Tortoise  because he didn’t run a lot.

What was the solution? When the Tortoise beat Speedy in a race what fox setup.

What was the Moral of the Story? Never act like you're all that when you are not.

My favourite part of the story was? When they race up and down the hill.

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story. (Tux Paint, Sumo)


At the start in March, 2001 there was an attack that happened against me, my sister who wears diapers with dairy all the time and is sooo slooow, and some friends. It was some random people and they tied me separately to my sister called Francis. My body had scars and bullet marks. I didn’t know where my friends were but I knew that they weren’t safe.

I tried to get out but my body was stinging like bees was sting in the same spot. Then my younger sister who works for the Nava broke out and the prison guard snap her and  set the alarm off and the captain Martin came and shoot her with a M1911 in his spine and took him somewhere and that’s when I knew to kill Martin for killing my brother.

Then I finally broke out and act like I didn’t. Then I yelled out to the guard when he was by his self “over here”. He came and said “shut” then I got his face and smack it against the door and he was knocked out. I quickly grab the keys and free myself. Then I grab his knife and quietly stab the guard I knock out. I gra

Then I seek my way out and saw one friend of mine. It was a boy called Brock and Martin was there talking to him. Brock was on a chair tied up and the captain Martin was making him suicide and then he went and I thought to myself here is my chance to kill that guard and free Brock. Then I quietly killed that guard and threw his knife at the other guard. I disarmed the alarm and untied the rope. I told him to jump the fence while I hide the body’s. I threw the chair over and climbed the fence. I saw a car coming pass so I tried to hide but there was no where to hide. I ran off because people were trying to shoot me and I slide down this mountain and saw a bridge and water was down there. I jump in the water and this man save my life.

Then I grab a knife and thought he was one of them but he pull out his knife and stab me. I was stuffing and I wanted to kill him but I was to weak. Then I faded out and I die.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

My weekend

In the weekend i versed ponsonby at victoria park, it was a really close game.

At the start taimana ( My friend ) kicked off.We were chasing the ball and suddenly ponsonby picks the ball up and runs he was going to get a run away but luckily he was brought down by my team mate. After that this forward ru up to me he thought he was all that but the i smashed him and he got sent off because he was winded. But then he came back on before that the game was still going, Ponsonby scores and they also get the kick over and that was the first try off the match.

Then it was half time while my team was talking to each other, Roland (my dad) was talking to me. He was talking to me about how i can do better and fix the bad things i did in the first half. Then the ref blows the whistle and we go back on the field and this time it is there kick of And then louis ( my freind) gets the ball and gets a run away try, and we also got the kick over.

It was going towards the end and then jackson scores a try from dummy half. And we also got the kick over, and then the other team strikes back. There was one more minute in the game then we knock the ball on and we lose our opportunity and they score and it was over and we lose but atleast we had fun.

The ugly duckling

Your Challenge: To modernise the fable, The ugly Duckling.

You will need to think about:
    • Who your characters will be
    • How you can make it more modern, e.g. use of modern technology, etc.
    • Your use of speech
    • Be creative!

P1:Who is it
P2:Ugly wolf
P3:The Sound
P4:What Happened
P5:Where He Went
P6:Came Back

Title:  Wolf Life

Start Writing Here

On a early monday 2001 in New Zealand, there was a mother wolf. Her name was call Shrim and the father was named Bob. The mother wolf borned a wolf and they name him Jack. Jack was the youngest

Jack was grey and had green patches. He was really different to the others. Jack wish that he can be like the others. They had black patches and some were white. His brothers and sisters were mocking him and the mother want him out.

The sound Jack made was like a chicken. Bu burke bu burke to the others. Wolves were laughing and Bom and Shrim was a shame. Jack ran off and hid behind a tall tree covered with grass and sheep was there. He bit it but it ran off after that and Jack was hungry.

Then a neighbour whisper to Shrim “he’s ugly and hurts mine ear shaming for you’s. Ain't you gonna kick him out of your house or be a shame.” Shrim or the mum replied quite sad “yes I going to do it when Bob can look after his own self.” That late at night when only the dad was awake Jack had to be like a ninja and seek out. Then he went off.

Jack was cold and rain started to turn in gales.  Jack stomach was starving and then he found a place and had light. The door was left open so he went in and slept under the bed which was near the fire.  He was warm and when the sun was rising the next morning he was about to go out then a old man snap him. Jack quickly ran out and went off.

Jack was thrusting and hungry so he went around trying to find food as well as water. When he saw a pond he drank it and  one tenth was out of it. Then he saw a wolf running pass and saw a hunter so Jack seek like a ninja and followed the wolf. The wolf was his mother and he found his way back home.  

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Using three strategy's to work out one question


Time zone

Start Writing Here:

While school holidays I went to time zone at bowling, me and my cusan Eli set each other a challenge, our goal was who could get the most tickets with 20 tokens. Going around looking for a game suddenly I see deal or no deal, so I go play after I played i was suprised because I won 75 tickets from then I was showing off to my cusan. So I went on to play another game it was basketball next thing I know my cusan was playing the same thing, after I played it I saw my score it 32.

After that I played a car game I was versing this 10 year old I beat him and I got 13 tickets from that. When I was playing he kept on crashing into me and I told him “ he is a bad driver”. While he was doing that I kept on driving after that he was still doing it, so i did it back it was so close who won but I just slightly beat him.

I had no tokens left so we went to m the ticket machine and we both add it all up. but it took awhile to get there because their were still five people in front of me. Suddenly I was there I add it all Up and my ticket said that I had won 253 tickets, but then he comes along and ruins it because he has a total of 327 on his ticket.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Harold question

1.             What is a friend?
Someone that respects you and doesn't back stab (not real stabbing but lies)you, and always is their for you.

2.            What makes a good friend?
You can always count on them, and they will never lie to you what ever you do.

3.             Why are they important?
They are important because when ever you feel down they always help you feel good, and they respect you and and they act like their your family.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The hare and the tortoise

One time ago their was a hare named rocko and a tortoise named kevin, Rocko was the best show off in the world, but Kevin was the polite one.

“I am the fastest animal here” said rocko, Kevin was the opposite to him he was one of the slowest but he could crawl very long. Kevin was one of the nicest animal on earth, he is really helpful when animals feel down.

While kevin was being helpful rocko was showing off and saying,” i am the fastest animal here i never, never lose except once when i got the silver metal but not any more”. Kevin was getting extremely annoyed so he ask the hare for a race “ if you lose you need to get out of here” said Kevin. “Hahahaha” rocko exclaimed “ you won't have a chance” said rocko.

So kevin and Rocko had a race “you need to go up the mountain and back” said the kangaroo, “ on your marks get set go”, ZOOM went rocko “Catch me if you can” said Rocko.  Rocko was zooming through the grass, he was already nearly up to the finish line.But suddenly he was getting tired so he fell asleep, while he was sleeping, Kevin ast him.

Suddenly Rocko woke up and he said” how long does it take for kevin to past me”.  Really kavin already past him, then rocko saw a trail he now knew that Kevin has past him. And he rushes to the finish line but kevin is already there so he packs his stuff and leaves the village With a loud voice someone says “stop” .

Rocko turns his back and he sees Kevin. Kevin asked him “would you “like to stay” Rocko says “ i thought you kicked me out” “ i was joking i was just teaching you not to show off” Kevin exclaimed. Rocko says “ i am sorry for that, next time i will not show off”. So they lived happily ever after.