Monday, 2 December 2013

Ambury Farm

On Tuesday i went with the year fives to Ambury farm me and my friend Collin were with room 14 because the year fives from room 18 got split up.At first me and my group went to see how cows got milked. I was the photographer for the and while the cows were getting milked we could feel them.

After that we went to go feed the goats it was very funny because when you put your hand out they like it with salibah. It was like a dog liking its food it just felt weird.But the one that everyone liked was the baby goat that was 1 year old.If you were wondering what a baby goat is called it is called a Buck or a Billy.

And at the end we could do free time as a group but we decided to have a  BIG  walk.
But at half way people that were feeling tired and lazy they could sit down and relax while everyone else is trying to keep fit and healthy.After that we went to go see some chickens it was very funny because all the girls were screaming while the chickens were eating all the boys were laughing their heads off.

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