Thursday, 12 December 2013

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On The weekend I went to the night market in pakaranga. It was really cool because my favorite food was their that was Chereos i like it because it has chocolate and caramel on top and it also has ising sugar.But my favorite thing to eat was a deep fried moro bar .

I like going to the night market because my mum spoilts me and gets me very thing. Sometimes she just gives me $20 and I buy heaps of stuff with that.But I mostly like sushi to  it makes me want to eat the teriacky chicken straight away.

But nothing for me beats KFC I most likely will have the krusher my mum loves it to I think.I love the chicken they make it is really NICE and when ever my mum buys the chip she also say "extra seasoning please". The best bit is when its nice and crispy.

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