Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Maui and Bothers

In a lonely island there was 1 brother out of 5 that was going to fish.His name was maui he was the one that caught the sun with his hook remember.Maui was up all night all day for a spot to fish until he said “this is the spot to fish” so he took a deep breath and grabbed his hook and through it deep through the see.It took so long to catch a fish he had time to read the herald suddenly maui prayed it was a prey to make it so magical and to rise when he catches it.

Then he saw this big fish he had trouble pulling it up but the prey made it even magical that some how maui pulled it up it was so weird because it turned green and also turned into the north island of new zealand.

Enstead of maui and brothers its sean and brothers.

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